Olivia prefers not so show her face online, and we respect that. 

​Olivia moved with her family to Canada when she was in the 6th grade.  She worked as a FC specialist in Toronto, Canada.  Olivia has a passion for history, arts, and anthropology. She is passionate about  different cultures and how human societies develop!


In our company, Olivia takes the lead in all artistic work.  She is so professional in creating the kind of images that would catch everyone's attention.  Since Olivia also shops and sells products online herself, her sense of marketing is so precise and accurate! Olivia

  • create slogans

  • research for packaging ideas

  • design images

  • ​or simply taking photos.

Olivia is also a "Doer", never a "Talker." 

​You WILL love the work Olivia accomplished~ You will be amazed!